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Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance Coverage

A business owner’s policy (BOP) is a comprehensive policy that pairs general liability, property insurance, and other optional coverage for small to medium-sized business owners to help keep their livelihood protected. A business owner’s policy availability depends on things like your business type, annual sales, and the number of employees you have. Peak Insurance Agency sells the standard BOP that offers general liability insurance to cover your commercial liability and property insurance for your physical assets, whether you own or lease them. It can also cover a loss of business income and any additional expenses related to covering that loss. Additionally, it provides protection against claims of bodily injury or property damage for which your business may be held at fault. In addition to protecting your business with commercial insurance in Winchester, Illinois, Barber Agency provides commercial insurance to those in Pittsfield, Illinois, as well as the Jacksonville area.

Your General Liability Coverage Provides Protection for the Defense of Lawsuits Pertaining to:

Options for your BOP policy can include

While business owners should do everything they can in order to protect their livelihood, not all businesses qualify for a BOP policy. However, if that is the case for your business, we can still work to secure coverages for your business with other forms of commercial insurance. If your business has these characteristics, you may not be eligible for a business owner’s policy:

workers' compensation

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

If one of your employees suffers an injury on the job, workers’ compensation coverage keeps you protected. This coverage is designed to cover medical bills, loss of wages, and rehabilitation (if needed). Every state requires business owners to carry workers’ compensation coverage and has individual regulations that must be met.

At the minimum, workers’ compensation insurance covers a worker’s medical expenses and a percentage of their lost wages. Illinois is an open market state, meaning that coverage is underwritten by private insurers, which allows for competitive rates.


As a business owner, protecting your business should be the main concern; you need to have an insurance policy that best suits your needs. Since all businesses aren’t the same – what works for one commercial entity may not work for another. You can trust our experts at Peak Insurance Agency to work with you and find the best policy that works for you. Whether you are a siding specialist or a painter, our insurance coverages help keep your business protected at all costs!

contractors insurance
floaters insurance

What is a Contractor?

Being a contractor means that you perform a single trade or job and usually work from the comfort of your home or on the customer’s property. Some examples of common contractor companies include:

Types of Contractor Insurance Coverage

In reality, most homes have a low chance of being flooded, but if it happens and you aren’t protected – it will be costly. A flood could result in the loss of most of your valuable possessions and may even require major reconstruction work for your home. In most cases, flooding may not happen to your home, but is it worth the risk?

Contact Peak Insurance Agency and we’ll help explain the benefits of flood insurance coverage and provide a free quote.

Liability Coverage – This insurance coverage handles expenses that are related to your responsibility as a working contractor inside another person’s home, such as:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance – The state of Illinois requires employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage, but there are some exceptions. This insurance helps keep you protected from expenses like medical bills, loss of wages, and rehab for injuries that happened on the job.

Property Insurance – This helps protect a client’s property where you are working, but also your own workspace, warehouse, shop, or other place of business.

Floaters Insurance – Property insurance only covers property. Floaters insurance includes any tools or equipment that you use. Every item needs an individual policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance – If your business utilizes vehicles, commercial auto insurance helps keep that vehicle protected in the event of an accident. For one vehicle or an entire fleet, commercial auto insurance helps keep you protected.

Umbrella Insurance – Liability coverage caps at a certain amount. Umbrella insurance adds additional liability insurance protection that can cover costs up to $5 million. For more information, ask one of our insurance agents!

Illinois Home Repair & Remodeling Act (HRRA) – Illinois State Law dictates that contractors must have minimum coverages and provide a written contract for jobs that cost over $1,000. We can help cover you in compliance with state and county regulations.


If you have a farm, whether it is your home or solely your business, having the right insurance coverage is the best way to protect you and your investment. The fact is, figuring out farm insurance coverage can be overwhelming – especially to those with no prior experience. The key to the right insurance coverage is figuring out what you want to meet your needs. A good starting point is a coverage that protects your property, its equipment, and crops from fire, theft, flooding, and other natural disasters.

Some policies may have full coverage while others lack in certain areas. There are also options for insurance on livestock. For more information about how to best protect your farm, contact our insurance agents at Peak Insurance Agency today!

Crop Insurance

farm insurance
bar insurance

Restaurant / Bar

Business owners need various coverages related to liability, property, and equipment coverage. However, if you are a restaurant owner, you need special restaurant insurance coverage to protect your business from specific risks related to this industry. Peak Insurance Agency provides insurance policies for restaurants and bars in the Winchester, Pittsfield, Bluffs, and Jacksonville, Illinois area including:


Public entities face various exposures on a daily basis and no coverage is the same. An agent from Peak Insurance Agency will gladly walk you through the various coverage options if you are in the market for Public Entity Insurance. When purchasing Public Sector Insurance, every policy is unique. For example, having an embedded or non-embedded water entity requires coverage for failure in supply.

In some examples, failure of supply is covered under general liability coverage, unless said failure is proven to be an accident. Public Entity Insurance can be complex, which is why it is best to discuss your policy options with a qualified insurance agent. If you have emergency service vehicles, like fire trucks and ambulances, ask about proper valuation coverage.

municipal insurance
school district insurance

School Districts

School systems are one of the most important institutions in our society and it is essential that we allow them to grow and flourish. As an independent insurance agency, Peak Insurance Agency offers insurance quotes from various carriers, designed to provide you the ideal coverage to suit your needs that cover:

Whether you need to protect your school’s computers, equipment, supplies or students from slip-and-fall accidents, school insurance coverage helps keep all things important to a school system protected – teachers, students, building, supplies and more. Contact our insurance agents to learn about how to best protect your school.

Church Insurance

Church insurance helps your religious organization avoid calamitous claims. Peak Insurance Agency/Barber Agency/L&H Insurance provides a wide range of insurance coverage relating to church insurance including:

church insurance