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Health Insurance Coverage for the Winchester, Pittsfield, and Bluffs Illinois Area

Peak Insurance Agency offers a full range of health insurance products and services, including individual health plans for those under the age of 65, Medicare Supplements for those over 65, and group health insurance plans. Our clients utilize our extensive health insurance services for a sound, accurate, and professional analysis of their current health situation. At Peak Insurance Agency, we are a full-service health insurance agency that knows and understands your needs. Call or visit our offices in Winchester and Pittsfield, Illinois, for more information. Our services include:

health savings account

What is a Health Savings Account?

Peak Insurance Agency offers a Health Savings Account, which is a practical savings account utilized for medical bills. The benefit of an HSA is that you don’t pay taxes on funds deposited into the account or the interest it accrues. Whether you use funds for approved medical expenses or save it for a comfortable retirement, your money remains yours. Your balance rolls over after the end of every year, so the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ doesn’t apply.

Individual Medicare Insurance is Beneficial For…

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