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Providing Crop Insurance Coverage in Morgan, Scott, and Pike Counties

Are you concerned about something happening to your farm? Call your local insurance agent for crop insurance and make sure your livelihood is protected. We are a family-owned-and-operated insurance agency, providing affordable coverage and extra protections for farmers and their crops throughout Winchester, Pittsfield, Bluffs, and Jacksonville, Illinois.

Peak Insurance Agency is proud to offer our local farmers great rates on crop insurance; just visit our office in Winchester, Illinois, to speak with an agent about protecting your land and crops. We can also help you at our other offices, Barber Agency, located in Pittsfield, Illinois and L&H Insurance Agency in Bluffs, Illinois. Listed below are ways we can help protect you and your crops:

hail damage

Protecting Your Crops from Hail

Hailstorms tend to last between three and five minutes, but in that short amount of time, Mother Nature can take a toll on your crops, hurting profits and causing setbacks on your farming operation. You can prevent that today with coverage from Peak Insurance Agency. Crop Hail coverage protects you against any physical damage from hail or fire, and most have extended coverages for lightning, vandalism, and issues that occur during transit, at no additional cost. Coverage is on an acre-by-acre basis, meaning if only part of your farm is affected, it can receive payment while the rest of it remains unaffected.

Benefits of Crop Hail Insurance

Production Plan

Production Plan is a Crop Hail insurance endorsement that pairs with your MPCI policy, a federally subsidized coverage, and is meant to provide coverage where your current MPCI policy leaves you unprotected. A standard hail policy pays an amount based on the percent of damage your crop sustains, whereas the Production Plan considers your total harvested production. The crop acreage that is protected under this endorsement must also be insured under a Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, or Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion policy.

Benefits of A Production Plan

crop hail insurance
wind damage

Green Snap

A windstorm can cause a lot of damage to your lands in a minimal amount of time. Green Snap protects you against losses incurred via wind damage to your crops, and when your fields are unable to harvest. This is an optional Crop Hail endorsement that protects your crops from damage caused by natural wind. Breaking their stalk at a node above the brace roots and below the ear will render your crops unharvestable.

Benefits of Green Snap

Wind with Extra Harvest Allowance

Formerly referred to as Green Snap Extra, Wind with Extra Harvest Allowance is an additional Crop Hail endorsement option that provides coverage for wind, green snap, and extra expenses for harvesting corn that suffered damage from wind. It covers ears that have been flattened, bent, or broken as a result of wind and can’t be recovered. With this coverage, if wind damage results in having to pay extra expenses to harvest, you may be eligible for Extra Harvest Allowance.

Coverage is available for field corn, seed corn, and sweet corn.

crop wind damage insurance

Crop Insurance Central IL

Those in Pittsfield, Winchester, Bluffs, and Jacksonville, Illinois, know to call our agency for all their crop insurance needs. In fact, they know that we offer trained and friendly professionals that understand the challenges faced by farmers in our local communities. It’s a hard job for tough people and we are here to ensure that your insurance policy protects all that you’ve worked for. Contact us today about crop insurance that covers crop loss due to: