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Protect Your Assets with Commercial Business Insurance in Jacksonville IL

As a commercial business owner, you must have a comprehensive insurance policy that includes a wide range of coverage options for your business, employees, and customers. At Peak Insurance in Jacksonville, IL, we offer a wide range of coverage options from small family-owned businesses to large corporations. Our agents will assess various sectors of your business such as the type of industry, annual sales, and several employees you have to determine which plan is right for you. Never worry about the loss of your products or services due to unpreventable causes, choose a commercial insurance plan that sets your business up for success.

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Commercial Business Insurance Jacksonville IL

Commercial insurance is one of the most popular sectors of our insurance agency that benefits Jacksonville, IL business owners. With years of experience under our belt, we will work with your company to find an insurance policy that protects your business and everyone in it. Whether you own a small restaurant with only a few employees or a major corporation with multiple worksites, Peak Insurance will work with you to find an insurance provider that works within your budget and supplies the maximum amount of protection. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage Jacksonville IL

Workers’ compensation insurance is something that every business needs to ensure their employees are covered if an injury were to occur while on the job. Our workers’ compensation packages will cover everything from loss of wages and medical bills to rehabilitation if needed. Jacksonville, IL businesses are required to have some form of workers’ compensation to ensure the safety of their employees. As an open market state, our agents will ensure that you receive the most competitive rates possible from a reliable insurer. Reach out today to learn more about our workers’ compensation options and what you will need for your business.

workers' compensation insurance agency jacksonville illinois

Contractor Insurance Jacksonville IL

If you own a contracting business or are a self-proclaimed contractor, having insurance on yourself, your employees and the work you are performing is essential for those in Jacksonville, IL, and the surrounding areas. Contracting businesses have insurance policies that are much different than a standard brick and mortar companies. Since you perform a trade that usually involves hands-on labor or working from home, Peak Insurance offers varying levels of liability, full coverage, and comprehensive insurance policies for you to choose from based on your level of work. If your profession is any of the following, we recommend contractor insurance:

Gutter Installers


Concrete Contractors

Siding Specialists

Landscape & Lawn Care

Interior Designers

HVAC Contractors






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Insurance for Public Institutions Jacksonville IL

Institutions that are owned by the public require just as much if not more insurance than a typical business. These shared community locations allow hundreds and even thousands of individuals onto their property daily, which is great for business until an accident occurs. Everything from a customer being injured to a product being damaged is something that requires insurance to be properly compensated. At Peak Insurance we offer commercial coverage options to an array of public institutions in Jacksonville, IL. From schools to government buildings, we offer a comprehensive list of coverage options depending on your needs. Browse through our public institution insurance options: